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Tournament Waters: G.S.S.F Bass Lake 


Tournament HQ: Union High School (Dugger) 

Address: 7356 E County Rd 50 S, Dugger, IN 47848


2 Man Teams 


4 Fish Limit. 


Team Entry Free: $50 ($45 to team payout & $5 to Big Bass) 


100% Payout - Minus Fees 


Payout structure 

1st Place Team - 60% 

​2nd place Team - 25% 

​3rd Place Team - 15% 

Big Bass - 100% of $5 from each team entry


Individual Leaderboard Entry: 2 Baits/Lures 

*Highest Ranking Individual Angler (5 Fish Limit) takes home the “Bucket of Baits” 

  • Bring baits to pre-tournament captains meeting 


Times All Eastern.

Pre -Tournament Captains Meetings & Team Check In (Mandatory): 6:30 

*Teams must check in together. 

Launch & Lines in at 8:00 PM

Lines out: 7:00 AM 

Final Submissions & Check in Deadline: 8:00 AM 

*teams must check in together, failure to do so by deadline will result in a DQ of the team. 

Awards: 8:00 AM 


Launch from any of the four Ramps on Bass Lake. 


KBF Rules

12” Minimum 

No specific identifier card requirements (ID must be in picture) 

Tournament ID provided at captains meeting 

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