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Reedy and Tracy go the distance and earn themselves a spot in the Hoosier Kayak Bass Fishing history books. Check out the full recap of the GRBY 2023 AOY Race below.

For the second season in a row, GRBY offered an Overall AOY Race in conjunction with its individual series AOY standings. The Overall AOY race allows competitors competing in events across the state to see how they rank among their peers.

Last year, the Overall AOY included all GRBY Lake and River series but for 2023, the Admins broke it out into a GRBY Overall Lake and Overall River AOY race in an effort to give anglers who primarily only fish moving waters an opportunity to compete for their own title.

The GRBY Overall Lake AOY Standings were determined by an angler's best 12 finishes throughout the season and the Overall river series standings were determined by the best 7 finishes.

Let's take a look at the top anglers in each race, starting with the extremely tight GRBY Overall Lake AOY race.



The “Silent Assassin” Ryan Reedy goes on a late season Hot Streak racking up big points that were just too much for the rest of the GRBY field to overcome.

Reedy Started off the year strong and remained at, or near the top, of the standings all season long. Early in the season, Antoine Hayes AKA Tweezy, was stealing the show and owning the headlines week after week. Tweezy quickly took control of the AOY Standings and looked as if he was going to be unstoppable. Meanwhile, Reedy was quietly racking up solid finishes of his own and lurking in the shadows

Eventually, Tweezy would stumble a little, opening up the door for Reedy and others to take over the hot seat. While Reedy held down the number 2 spot, a new angler was beginning to make waves of his own. James “The Sheriff” Miller put everyone on notice as he racked up multiple top 3 and top 5 finishes propelling him into the 3rd place spot in the GRBY AOY Race.

While there were several anglers in the mix all season, it was pretty clear by the second half of the season that this was a 3-man race between Tweezy, Reedy, and The Sheriff.

Going into the final few weeks, Reedy and James began to pull away. The competition between these two became intense as neither of them was backing down or afraid to put In work. Each angler trading blows and culling out some of their lower scores.

In the final two weeks of the regular season, Reedy and James were neck and neck in the standings and in each event they fished, they were seemingly going 1 and 2. Reedy though, was unstable, as he racked up 3 wins edging out James by 4pts when the final tally was marked.

Reedy finished the year out with an impressive 6 wins, and 4 top 3 finishes. His lowest score of the season was a 4th place finish. With a total of 1188 points, Reedy tied the points total of the two highest anglers in the 2022 season (Sam Jones and Glenn Landstrom). So it appears 1,188 is the benchmark anglers should be working for, come the beginning of the 2024 Season.

Reedy earned more than just the title and some bragging rights. Thanks to KBF/ Chad Hoover, Reedy was awarded a $1000 gift card to FishUSA!

Finishing in runner-up in his rookie season, was James Miller with 1184 points. James grabbed 3 wins and had 7 top 3 finishes. On top of his outstanding performance in the Overall AOY Race, James also took the AOY title in 2 Series (GRBY NE Trail & Nyona). Something tells us this is more than beginners luck and you can bet this angler is going to be a contender year after year.

Tweezy had some crazy hot streaks in 2023 but his mid-season slump cost him just enough points to fall to 3rd in the standings at 1174 points. That said, you can't overlook how good he was across all series in the state throughout the year, including his AOY title in the GRBY Summit Lake Series, which is one of the toughest AOY races in the state. Tweezy, like Reedy, made some serious improvements year over year. Moving up 4 spots and scoring 30 more points over his 2022 totals.

Needless to say, you can bet these 3 will be in the mix next year and likely for years to come.



Early in the year, we dubbed 2023 as the Year of The River Rats, with more events than ever for our moving water enthusiasts and the addition of a GRBY Overall River Series AOY & Standalone Championship. There is no doubt, this state has some incredibly talented moving water anglers. How could we not with the assortment of amazing small rivers and creeks throughout our great state? Going into this season, there were some definite favorites and well-known names likely to be in the mix, but it was a lesser-known name that would still the show in 2023.

Eric Tracey of Noblesville Indiana, owned the GRBY River Series Overall standings as he sat on top for more than half the season. Not only did Eric take the Overall River AOY title, he also was crowned AOY in the GRBY Columbus Moving Water Series and he was runner-up in the Tippy AOY Race, just 2 points behind Glenn Landstrom.

Eric put up a total score of 690 points for his best 7 events, including a win and five top 3 finishes. Eric had a significant lead over the majority of the field leading into the last two or three events.

Eric's closest competitor and AOY Runner Up was Alex Denau. Alex was one of the previously mentioned "favorites" going in this season and he just missed the mark, finishing 5 points behind Eric with 685 points. Alex also had a strong performance in the GRBY White River Series, where he finished 3rd overall.

Rounding out the Top 3 was another well-known River Rat, Randal Keiser. With three Top 3 finishes and four top tens, Randall ended the season with 668 points.

Looking back on the season, if it wasn't for a late run by Alex, Eric would have not only been the King of The River Rats, but he would have run away with this one altogether. Definitely an impressive year and it's going to be interesting to see how these anglers stack up in the upcoming GRBY River Series Championship this upcoming spring.

Just like the Lake Series, the award for the River Series AOY was not just the title, but it also came with a $ 1,000 gift card to Moving Water Outfitters!


Congratulations to Ryan Reedy and Eric Tracy on a phenomenal season in their respective series!

Truly an impressive feat for both of these talented anglers. Hats off to the GRBY Admin group for yet, another great season on the water here in the Hoosier State!

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