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2024 HKB State Championship Qualifications

How can you qualify for the 2024 HKB State Championship?

With the 2023 season underway and the competition looking fierce already, let's take a look at how anglers can qualify for the 2024 HKB State Championship.

The HKB State Championship was created to give the top anglers in the state, from across the various clubs and series, an opportunity to compete for a title and enjoy an experience unlike any other.

We have tried to make each championship a memorable experience, from the Night Of Champions dinner to the shotgun starts, the event coverage, to the amazing trophies and prize packages from our supporting sponsors.

To qualify and have a chance to be the Champion of Champions, angler must first climb the ranks of one of the series or clubs here in the state. Only the top anglers from each series will qualify.

Here is how we break it down per organization.


HKB | Hoosier Kayak Bassin

  • 2023 HKB State Champion

- The winner of the 2023 State Championship will get an automatic qualification in the 2024 State Championship, giving them the opportunity to defend their title. The 2023 State Championship was originally set to take place in May, but has been postponed until later this year. Exact date TBD.


KBF | Kayak Bass Fishing

  • 2023 KBF Challenge Series AOY (Champion) - Indiana

  • Top Finishing Indiana Angler in the 2023 KBF Challenge Series Championship

- Because KBF does not hold a state level championship and in order to give each club/series an equal number of qualifications, we will award the highest placing angler in the 2022 KBF Challenge Championship (Who qualified through the Indiana Challenge Series) a spot on the 2024 State Championship roster.


SIYAK | Southern Indiana Yak Angler Klub

  • 2023 SIYAK AOY



GRBY | Grass Roots Bass Yakin - Lake Series

  • 2023 Lake Series Champion

  • 2023 Lake Series Overall AOY

GRBY | Grass Roots Bass Yakin - River Series

  • 2023 River Series Champion

  • 2023 River Series Overall AOY

-Due to the fact that GRBY is running two separate overall series standings and separate series championships, we will be rewarding them with State Championship Qualifications for both the Overall Lake Series & Overall River series.


IKA | Indiana Kayak Anglers

  • 2023 IKA AOY



USA BASSIN | Jackson Kayak Trail - Indiana

  • Top Ranked Indiana Competitor in the USA Bassin National AOY Standings

  • Top Ranked Indiana Competitor in the USA Bassin National Championship

-USA Bassin, the newest series to the Indiana Kayak scene, and like GRBY, has multiple series within the state. Those being - Lake Monroe and Patoka Lake (each with 5 events). USA Bassin also plans to expand in the coming years. With that in mind, we will treat USA Bassin as we do GRBY and offer them 2 qualifications, but those will be determined by overall standings versus individual series standings. In the case of USA Bassin however, they do not have a state level AOY or Championship, so we will be awarding the top Indiana angler in the National AOY standings and Championship. It's important to note that the angler must have competed in Indiana and qualified via an Indiana based series.


Role Downs

In order to make the State Championship a prestigious event where truly the best of the best compete for an exclusive title, we only offer one roll down per qualification. Anglers may hold multiple qualifications, effectively reducing their competition.

Here is an example of a role-down scenario


If the KBF Challenge Series AOY is also the highest finishing Indiana angler in the 2023 Challenge Series Championship then this angler will claim both qualifications. However, because the angler first qualified via the Challenge Series AOY - we will roll down his qualification for the Challenge Series championship to the 2nd highest finishing Indiana angler in that event.

Should that angler already be qualified for the state championship via another series/club then the qualification would not roll down any further, reducing the 2024 State Championship roster by one.

Qualifying Series/Events: All Indiana based series or clubs will obtain 2 qualifications to the State Championship. These series must have more than one event in the state, have a way to publicly track results, and meet the minimum participation requirements.

Minimum participation:

A series/club must average at least 10 anglers per event to receive State Championship Qualifications.


Previous State Champions

2021 - Mike Elsea (results)

2022 - Mike Elsea (results)

2023 - TBD (learn more)


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