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3 Reasons This Might Be The Best Week To Fish All Year!!

It's not often things set up almost perfectly as they are this week.

Photo: TJ Aylward

While no one can predict how the fishing will be on any given day, on any given body of water, we can say this week and really the next couple weeks have the potential to be one of those magical windows where anglers can not only have one of the best fishing experiences of their lives, but also have a high chance at a true trophy catch.

Why all the hype?

Here are 3 Reasons this might be the best week for bass fishing all year here in the Hoosier State.

Reason #1 Delayed seasonal patterns.

The weather, as we have discussed in other blogs this year, has been extremely inconsistent. We have had numerous major temperature swings, periods of heavy rainfall, and periods of near drought like conditions. The result of which is what appears to be a pro-longed pre-spawn. However, things are changing quickly. With the increase in daylight, Bass just naturally know it's time to move shallow regardless of the other key factors such as temperature, water level, and moon phase. With that being said when you can get everything to line up, it can make for a truly spectacular opportunity for anglers. Which brings us to the next reason.

Reason #2 The moon phase

If you ever read or listen to anyone talking about bass and the spawn, then you know there are always multiple waves of the spawn. That said, you also know that the biggest waves move up during a full or new moon. With a full moon coming in this week, and with the number of fish we saw last week with bloody tails and super fat bellies, it's safe to say that the first major wave is ready to move up with this moon phase.

Reason #3 Warming trends

Weather plays a huge role in bass fishing, regardless of the season. However, it is especially important in the spring and the key weather trend for the spawn is a warming trend and stable temperatures at night. That's exactly what we have coming. Starting today, we are entering a warming trend that will have daytime temps above 70 and night time temps in the 50-60s for most of the state.

To Sum it all up

We are going to experience the perfect scenario! Delayed seasonal patterns have held back the major waves of pre-spawn feeding and the spawn, this week's moon phase is prime, and the warming trend that is underway will create ideal conditions for a feeding frenzy and Spawn for largemouth and smallmouth bass this week.

Don't believe the Hype? There is only one way to find out. Get out there and see for yourself. Just fun fishing or competing, the odds are in your favor this week!

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