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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

As if you need another reason to get excited about GRBY in 2022…

Over the weekend GRBY announced they would be giving away an OTWI trailer to one lucky qualifying angler at this year's GRBY Championship.

Here is a look at what’s up for grabs and how you can earn a shot at winning it!

" Many OTWI trailers already reside in Indiana. One more is about to make the journey to the Hoosier State! Yes, just like last year the Picasso of kayak trailers is sending an On The Water Innovations - Kayak Trailer to GRBY!
It's done and will be making its way to the Hoosier State before too long! Then the long wait for September to figure out who the new owner will be! Please, everyone, thank Denny Romero and his team for their support once again this year.
Check out to see his full lineup and pick out yours. With OTWI now offering financing that dream of a new trailer is within reach! "
- GRBY Admin Cole Ritter


Take a look at the 2022 GRBY Schedule and save some dates!



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