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HKB 2022

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Who’s excited about 2022? We definitely are!

We're kicking things up a notch in 22 and here's a little about what you can expect from us!


HKB 22 Graphic

Check the details below on everything and get those calendars and pencils ready.


Hoosier Kayak Bassin Sportsman of the Year Award

Every year there are men and women within our community that go above and beyond to help their communities, promote the sport, lend a helping hand to their fellow anglers, go out of their way to protect our natural resources , and most importantly, set a guiding example of what a true sportsman should look like.

With this in mind, we have launched the HKB Sportsman of the year award to be presented to one individual from our community, that represents the best version of the community.

We ask that you consider those you know who have had a major impact on this community and nominate them for this award.



Do you love a low budget podcast?

Okay, so that might not sound like anything special, but if you like staying up to date on everything happening around the Hoosier Kayak Bassin community, then you're going to want to tune into the all new HKB22 podcast.

Airing weekly on Wednesdays, the HKB22 podcast will cover all the events and tournament shaping around the state. We will hear from anglers and tournament directors, as well as other bass heads from around the state, and the industry as a whole. but don't worry, we won't take up too much of your time. Each episode on the HKB22 podcast will be 22 minutes long. No more, no less.

We will still continue to host HKB Live on Facebook and Youtube, but this is just a weekly infusion of HKB to help you get through the work week.

Our first episode will drop on Wednesday, January 5th at 9am.

Oh and if you're a real podcast junky, make sure to check out the new Indianapolis Knights Roundtable Podcast, presented by yours truly (Hoosier Kayak Basin).




The winter in the Hoosier state is long and often bitter cold, which often keeps us from hanging out with our fishing buddies and going mad with cabin fever.

Well, this year we hope to break up to mondainess of the winter and give you an excuse to put on a jacket and head out for a little party! We're kicking off the 2022 fishing season with a little pre-season party, if you will. The HKB Bash will be held in February during the Indianapolis Boat Sport and Travel show.

Though we're not ready to share all the awesome details about this event yet, it's definitely one you're going to want to attend.

Will have more details on the HKB bash soon, so stay glued to our socials for more updates.


Beat The Knights

If there is one thing we have learned, it is that everyone loves a good team tournament and that's why we have partnered with the Indianapolis Knights of the Kayak Fishing League to bring you an early season team event “Beat The Knights!”

This event will take place in mid to late march and will offer anglers the opportunity to face off against the knights and other teams for cash and prizes and of course, some major bragging rights. We will have more information on this event in the near future as well.

In the meantime, start forming a 4 man team! Registrations for this event will open up in early January.


TOP 25 Rankings

Each year, anglers from across the state compete in numerous events throughout the year and every year, the same questions and conversations are had. Who’s the best in the state? Who’s having the best year? Who's on fire right now? Who do you think is the top local angler?

Well, we are going to fan that flame just a little more in 2022, while possibly helping give some clarity and answers to those questions, not based on bias or feelings, but on analytics. We're currently working on a formula to help determine the Top 25 anglers in the state based on list particular performance metrics. The Top 25 list will be updated weekly and really give us something to talk about. Of course the bragging rights will be a big part of this, but there will be some added benefits of making the list, more on that is coming shortly.


This next item on the list is a bit of a combo…


Last year HKB hosted the inaugural HKB State Championship. The event took the best anglers of each series held in Indiana and had them face off in a multi day event on Summit Lake to crown a true Champion of the State. This season, we will look to crown another champion but not before we give a few anglers one last chance to qualify.

In order to qualify for the 2022 HKB State championship, you must have either won your respective series AOY title or Championship and though that roster is now set, anglers who finished in the TOP 5 of IKA, SIYAK, KBF Challenge Series, or in any GRBY series held in the state, plus any angler who won an event in 2021, have also qualified for the HKB Last Chance Event.

Qualifying anglers will be invited in the coming days to enter this event and fish for a chance to compete in the HKB State Championship for cash, prizes, and of course, the title of HKB State Champion.

There is one catch… All existing State Champion qualifiers may also register for this event and try to block any additional angler from making their way in.

We're also going to invite all the 2021 State Championship Qualifiers to attend the Last Chance event for a chance to win their way back in as well.

This event will be a single day event, held on the Friday leading up to the State Championship. There will be a $150 entry fee with a 25% hold back for the State Championship. The state Championship is a zero entry fee event, but anglers will be competing for large prize packs and cash payouts.

The State championship will kick off with the Night of Champions, where anglers will receive sponsor prize packs and enjoy a provided dinner as we recognize the accomplishments of each angler during the 2021 season.

Again this year, we'll be challenging the anglers in a multi day event but this time, anglers will have to prove their worthy of the title by conquering not only an extremely talented field of anglers, but also two separate bodies of water. Though the lakes have been announced, anglers won't know which of the waters they will fish on each day until the captains meeting prior to the night of champions.

mike elsea - 2021 hkb state champion

We hope this added layer of competition will create a little extra drama for the followers of the event and some added excitement for the anglers. Either way, it will be exciting to see who comes out as our new champion or maybe, the 2021 Champion, Mike Elsea, can hang on to the trophy a little longer!


HKB Boondogggle

As excited as we are about everything we just laid out, this one might take the cake. HKB is all about community and this right here is definitely a community event. So what is a Boondoggle? Well for those of you who do not know… it's basically a huge campout, slash party, slash vendor fair, slash….. Well basically it's just a bunch of awesomeness!

Though many of the details are still in the planning stages for this event, here is what we can tell you!

This event will be open to all who love the sport of kayak fishing. We will hold this event in the summer of 2022. Though this is not a tournament, there will be fishing and will likely be paired with a partner event. We will have several events taking place during the weekend, including a swapmeet. So bring your gear and your friends and be ready to swap tackle and more. That's all we can tell you for now, so stay tuned for details to be released by spring of 2022.


Turkey Bowl 2022

You can't have a year full of amazingness and not top it off in a big way and what could be better than getting together with your pals for a super awesome team tournament in November!? How about getting together with your pals, fishing for some dope prizes, and cash all while supporting a great cause! Yeah, that's what we thought too, pure greatness.

Join us in the Fall of 2022, as we host a 4th annual HKB Turkey Bowl and Food Drive! Anglers will compete in 3 man teams for the title of Turkey Bowl Champions but more importantly, anglers are encouraged to make a charitable donation to our Food Drive during the event to help us with our mission to provide for families in need during the holiday season with a care package, giving them the opportunity to enjoy a nice warm meal with their loved ones.

In 2021, we had 48 anglers (16 teams) compete in the event and raised enough food donations to provide over 9 families with large care packages that will provide their families with multiple meals during the holiday season.

We have a goal to hit a minimum of 25 teams and at least double the number of care packages for families.

The 2022 Turkey Bowl is tentatively set for November 5th, 2022 and we are working to secure the lake and venue now. More information on this event will be posted as it becomes available.


There you have it! Now that you know what's in store for 2022, let us know what you're most looking forward to in 22 from HKB!



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