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Michael Luke hits the century mark and James Miller reigns supreme in the north - Join us as we break it all down in week two of the HKB Top Performers recap - presented by Dakota Lithium!

We only have two events to cover this week, but there is plenty to talk about, especially with the slugfest that went down on Summit Lake! So let's not waste any time and just jump right into it!


Michael rises to the top in the first event of the 2024 GRBY Summit Lake series.

You may have thought it was the 4th of July if you were watching the leaderboard Saturday morning because fireworks were going off left and right. For those of you who weren’t watching, you missed one of the most exciting leaderboards we’ve seen in the state of Indiana in a long time, maybe ever. 48 anglers battled it out and 26 limits were posted. It took nearly 80 inches just to crack the top 10 and over 87” to make it on the podium!

Second place finisher, Joshua Robbins, kicked things off Thursday with 87.50” anchored by a 20.25” kicker. Josh would have gone this distance and outlasted the remaining 4 days of competitors if it had not been for the magical morning Michael had on Saturday.

By roughly 9:30 am Saturday, Michael Luke had posted 101.75” and that included three culls! Not only did Micahel hit the century mark, but he was less than an inch off the all-time single-day record for the state set by Glenn Landstrom in 2023 on Blue Grass FWA.

Michael would not find another upgrade for the day, but his 101.75 would hold out as well as his Big Bass, a 22.25 inch Giant!

Believe it or not, Michael wasn't the only one to land a 22” in this one. Austin Wise joined the club on Saturday as well, with his own 22”, and 5 other anglers landed on 20” or better. Including 3rd place finisher, Aaron Wilson, who finished with 87.00 inches.

The next Summit Lake series hits during the full moon phase in May, so get ready for another slugfest!


This HKB Top Performers Recap is powered by Dakota Lithium - Go further. Last. Longer. Play Harder. Visit for all your power needs.



As a part of the GRBY Expansion into Northern Indiana, the new Waldron Lake series kicked off April 11-15, with 7 anglers competing. While this was a light turnout for GRBY standards, we got to see a couple familiar GRBY anglers, along with some newcomers and as the word gets out, I'm sure the leaderboards will start to fill out with many more.

For this one though, it would be “The Sheriff” claiming the victory. His second of the season in the northern region. James landed 5 for 75.00 inches on Sunday.

James caught most of his fish on a 3/8oz Beast Coast Lil Magnum jig fishing in 3-6 ft of water. His final keeper of the day was caught skipping a dock with a senko.

Jordan Lee was the only other angler to catch a limit in this one. Jordan took second with 62.25 inches, but he did walk away with some extra cash thanks to his 17.50 kicker, good enough for Big Bass.

Lary Reyes rounded out the top 3 with 4 fish for 54.25.


That wraps up week 2 of the HKB Top Performers recap. A light but eventful week here in the Hoosier State. This coming week however, is packed with options for anglers across the state. Four events from GRBY starting on Thursday, plus USA Bassin on Saturday and a chance to double down with SIYAK on Sunday as it hits Bischoff for its season opener, in conjunction with the GRBY Bischoff series. For more information on those events, check out the links in the “UPNEXT” section below.

Thanks for joining us for another recap this week and congratulations once again to our Week 02 Top Performers!



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