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Top 5 Waters in the Hoosier State for 2021!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Top 5 Waters in the Hoosier State for 2021
Looking back on the 2021 season, there was some amazing fishing throughout the state but these 5 waters stood out just a little more than the rest.

Matt Kifer kayak bass fishing at Blue Grass FWA

#01 Blue Grass FWA - Evansville, IN.

How do you have a Top 5 list and not mention Blue Grass FWA? Specifically, Blue Grass Pit.

This fishery has been putting up not only quantity, but also some Giant Largemouth. Anglers from across the state are making the drive south to Evansville in search of that new PB! This location is also a favorite of tournament anglers looking to finish at the top of the KBF monthly challenge series events. Love it or hate it, there's no denying Blue Grass is constantly putting the best limits of any public water in the state. Both GRBY and SIYAK have hosted events/series on Blue Grass and we expect to see much of the same in 2022.

Sullivan Lake kayak bass fishing

#02 Sullivan Lake - Sullivan, IN.

While Blue Grass was probably no surprise to most, this lake may be even unknown to many. Last year, thanks to GRBY, we got a small glimpse of what this lake had to offer, but in 2021 we definitely had our eyes opened. In 3 of the 5 events held on Sullivan by GRBY this year, it took over 80 inches to win. More than once this season we heard from anglers that they experienced their best days of fishing ever, on this body of water. This lake definitely is trending in the right direction for numbers and size! We look forward to seeing more events on this water in the coming years.

Kayak bass fishing West Boggs Lake

#03 West Boggs - Loogootee, IN.

Now, if our number 2 pick shocked you, this one is going to blow your mind. We can't say enough about this lake! What was once a Hawg factory and a favored destination for anglers, West Boggs suffered a devastating set back some years ago. With that said this lake has rebounded in a BIG way. Numbers are flourishing and the growth rate of bass in this lake is exceptionally high. While 2-3 years ago anglers struggled to catch a 15 inch bass, they now are landing 15”-17” on a regular basis and we’re also seeing the Bigs show back up with several bass in the 18”-21” inch range. Anyway you look at it, this lake is on it’s way to the Top of list, it's just a matter of time.

HKB Turkey Bowl 2021
Fish | Compete | Give - Join us for the 2021 Turkey Bowl on West Boggs Lake!

Kayak bass fishing the White River

#04 White River - Indianapolis, IN.

You can't have a Top 5 waters list for Indiana and not mention the Smallie Factory that is the White River, and specifically, the stretch through Indianapolis and north. The White river, though not as exceptional as previous years, still remains a favorite for many across the state. Kayak fishing events here draw some of the biggest turnouts of any event in the state. With that, they also draw in some of the toughest competition. What more could you ask for than Big Smallies, Big Events, and the Best Competitors? Tournament fishing, or just for fun, there is no doubt this is a must stop for anglers in search of trophy smallmouth fishing in the Hoosier state. Though it didn't place as high as it would have in past years, we don't foresee this one falling off the Top 5 list anytime soon.

Steve Martin kayak bass fishing on Raccoon Lake

#05 Raccoon Lake - Rockville, IN

Typically when we think of big reservoirs in the Hoosier State, we are talking about lakes such as Monroe and Patoka. This year, we had the pleasant surprise of seeing another reservoir take the spotlight. Much smaller than patoka or monroe, Raccoon is very similar in it’s make up. Rocky Banks, Bluff Walls, Big main lake points, just to name a few. Raccoon however, far out performed in terms of consistency of number and size. Early spring we saw some biggins caught, but fishing was a little tougher for some, but by early summer this lake came alive. Anglers were constantly posting 5 fish limits in the 70’s and 80’s and plenty of 17-20” bass making it to the Ketch Board. Raccoon just barely snuck in on this list, but we think it has a good shot of sticking around in 2022. Only time will tell.


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