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Things got HOT this past week and we’re not just talking about the air temperature. Week 12 brought us some exciting post-spawn action and some dogfights for crucial AOY points. Stick with us and we will break it down, event by event!

GRBY | WHITE RIVER #3 Presented By Achigan Brand

Josh Chrenko is back on top! The White River is a favorite for many, but perhaps no one knows it better than the “Smallie Crusher” himself, Josh Chrenko. With a 5 fish limit of 87.50, Josh grabs his second win of the season in this series.

Finishing in 2nd place was Jim Bailey with 81.50 inches. Jim is on a hot streak right now, especially in the smallmouth dominated events. Could this be a breakout year for him? Only time will tell, but he is definitely on fire at the moment.

You didn’t think we would go a week without talking about Tweezy, did you? That’s right, Antoine Hayes found himself back on the podium. Tweezy tied Jim with 81.50 inches but was missing the kicker needed to break it.

There was also a tie for Big Bass with both Eric Hyatt and Michael Ford, both landing a 19.25” Smallmouth. However, Eric takes the honors, thanks to the tie-breaker.


GRBY | RACCOON #2 Presented By Xzone Lures

The second event of the GRBY Raccoon Series was a humbling experience for some and others seemed to really have it figured out. 17 of the 35 anglers that signed up posted a limit of 70 inches or more and the top two anglers broke the 80-inch mark.

Taking the W was Steve Martin of Indianapolis, Indiana. Steve put up 82.00 inches in his first win of the 2023 season. With the next IKA stop on Raccoon in a couple of weeks, we had to ask Steve how the recent win affected his confidence. Here is what he had to say: “Helps out tremendously. I’ve had a lot of confidence fishing that lake, dating back to last May. Normally I fish on a weekday on Raccoon since there's usually a lot of other boat traffic and anglers, but to go out on a weekend and do well with the pressure makes me feel better about fishing IKA on a Saturday.”

Steve has really been one to watch out for the past couple of seasons. This lake sets up well for him as he is known for covering water and cranking a squarebill. That said, he is no one-trick pony. This is an angler who isn't afraid to make adjustments needed to catch fish and he doesn't shy away from a challenge.

Jason Kennedy also broke the 80 inch mark, putting up 81 inches on Sunday. Jason took home big bass honors as well, with a chunky 18.75 inch largemouth.

Wyatt Gard rounded out the top 3 with 77.75 inches, but struggled to find the bigger bites.

We look forward to seeing even more action on Raccoon this month, as IKA visits on June 17th and GRBY returns again on June 22nd through the 26th.


GRBY | BRUSH CREEK #4 Presented By Backyard Custom Plastics

Brush Creek was a GRIND, at least for the majority of the 32 angler field. Jason Merritt was in a league of his own on this one. Jason posted a limit of 81.25, giving him an almost 6-inch lead over 2nd place, James Miller, and an almost 11-inch lead over 3rd place, Scott Rowe.

After that, you have Ryan Beck and Austin Killion squeezing out a respectable limit but then the number really starts to nosedive. Over half the field struggled to find a bite.

Big Bass Honors went to "The Mystery Man" Cory Rucker, with a 20.00" Largemouth.

Hopefully, things turn around when this series comes back around on July 20-24 for its season finale.


SIYAK | HOOSIER NATIONAL FOREST Presented by Bioenno Power

A slugfest went down in the southern part of the state with SIYAK visiting the Hoosier National Forest in Tell City, Indiana. This event allowed anglers to compete on multiple bodies, including Indian, Celina, Tipsaw, Saddle, & Rainbow lakes. Competition was tight all day as AOY hopefuls, Adam Murray, Matt Kiefer, and Merlin Hammer III (MH3), all traded blows throughout the day.

In the end though, it was Ryan Becker sneaking in and stealing one from the heavy hitters this season. Ryan posted a 76.75 inch limit anchored by the big bass of the event, a 17.50” largemouth bass. This was Ryan’s 1st kayak win and in his recap post on facebook, Ryan credited the ZMan Jackhammer for his victory.

Current AOY Leader, Adam Murray, found himself in 2nd place for the second event in a row this season. Adam measured a total of 72.50 inches worth of southern indiana bass on the ketch board while Matt Kiefer also did what he needed to do to keep himself in striking distance of Adam, finishing in third with 72-inches even.

This AOY race is really getting good. Check back with us later this week for a full breakdown of the points for SIYAK and all the other series here in the Hoosier State.


Congratulations to all the week 12 HKB Top Performers!

Week 13 is looking a little lighter than previous weeks with only 3 events from GRBY, however, we will see some action down on Chick as the KBF Trail Series heads back to Chattanooga Tennessee and a couple of Hoosier Hammers fight to stay in the Ten and the earn some crucial AOY points.


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