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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Nate Goodwin gets his 1st GRBY win of the season, Kokomo finally shows up, and much more in this week's, HKB Top Performers Recap!

A front blew through the region on Sunday but before the storms, there was some solid action across the state and we even had some Hoosier representation on the National scene. Let's break it all down, event by event.


KBF | Lake Chickamauga - Presented by Dakota Lithium Batteries

Big weekend for Hoosier Anglers competing for some KBF Glory. As we mentioned last week, The KBF Trail Series Lake Chick event was going to have some major implications on a couple of our Hoosier Hammers and it did, but it wasn't Mike Elsea or Glenn Landstrom who made the headlines. Hoosier native, Jaxton Orr, stole the spotlight as he hoisted up the Trophy Saturday for the 1st of 2 events.

To learn more about Jaxtons victory, check out the event recap by KBF’s Hank Vegan below.

For KBF The Ten Hopefuls, Glenn and Mike, it was another disappointing weekend as neither of them were able to improve their standings. In fact, both fell in the rankings and Mike even slid out of the top ten. With the next and final event of the season at the Delta, we don't expect either to make the trip so that means they will have to wait until the KBF Championships in October in order to make a positive movement and hopefully seal the deal.


GRBY | Kokomo Reservoir #4 - Presented by Soremouth Tackle

Finally, a sign of life from Kokomo! This lake has been stingy to date and while it didn't break any records or blow our minds this time either, it definitely showed us it's better side in the 4th event of this GRBY Series.

Truth be told, I was personally writing this series off but now I'm wondering, was it just a pre-spawn thing or maybe anglers just needed more time to figure it out? Either way, we now can see this lake does have more than a handful of bass and it has some good ones.

Larry Reyes jumped in this series for the 1st time and he showed out! Reyes put up the largest bag we have ever seen on Kokomo Reservoir in a kayak event at 82 inches even, earning him his second win of the 2023 GRBY Season.

Right behind him with the 2nd largest limit we have seen to date on this lake was the winner of the last Kokomo event, Bryce Fritsch, with 80.25 inches. This angler is on a hot streak right now - Watch out!

Rounding out the top 3 was another red hot angler, Ryan Platt. Ryan landed 77.50” inches and some valuable AOY points for both the Kokomo series, which he currently leads as well, and the GRBY Overall Lake AOY. Check out our new series, “THE AOY RACE” for a deep dive into

the AOY points standings from across the Hoosier State.

Big Bass Honors went to Aidan Darlington, with a solid 17.75-inch largemouth bass.


GRBY | Columbus Moving Water #3 - Presented By Humble Joes Coffee

There was some good action in the 3rd event of the Columbus Moving Water series. 7 anglers broke the 70 inch mark and most found at least a small limit.

Eric Tracey of Noblesville Indiana, took the hot seat on Thursday and never gave it up. His 78.75 inches was just enough to hold off the Charge of Adam Murray, who landed 77.75 inches on Friday. Both anglers would ride out the wave of Saturday through Monday's competitors, including Chandler Tobin, who posted a 76.25 on Sunday - rounding out the Top 3.

Michael Kulik measured and submitted a 19.50 inch beauty of a smallmouth bass, taking home some Big Bass cash.


GRBY | Sullivan Lake #3 - Presented By American Legacy Outdoors

Ol’ Sully was a bit fickle for the anglers competing in the 3rd event of this series. The post-spawn and frontal conditions had the bigger fish in a bit of a funk at times. Nate Goodwin, of Terre Haute, had them figured out though!

He posted a 79.00-inch limit anchored by the Big Bass of the event, a 20.25-inch largemouth! Caught on Top Water, nonetheless.

This was Nate's 1st win of the 2023 season but he has been on a hot streak over in Illinois. He just recently won 2 events over there as well. Nate does an awesome job recapping his successes and failures on his social media platforms. Following the final results of Sullivan, he broke down his strategy and the decision-making that led him to victory.

As you read from his post, he didn't even get in a full day of fishing, making this all the more impressive, which also seems to be a key factor in winning at Sullivan. Not sure what I mean by that. Go check out Week 8 of the HKB Top Performers to read about the uncanny “leave early” tactic of this year's sully winners.

Jason Kennedy found a decent bag as well, putting up 75.50 inches for 2nd place and Ryan Reedy made the podium with 73.25 inches. Ryan’s Top 3 finish put him in command of the series AOY Race and also culls one of his below average finishes of the season, giving him the lead over Antoine Hayes in the GRBY Overall AOY Standings.


Congratulations to all of our week 13 HKB Top Performers!

Father's Day Weekend (Week 14) is jam packed with events from multiple organizations, so check out what's up next and get registered!


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